Organisation Internationale pour les Pays les Moins Avancés (OIPMA)

International Organisation for the Least Developed Countries (IOLDCs)


Thanks to the expertise and experience of a Human Rights and Communications professionals team, OIPMA continues achieving its mandate and speaking up on behalf of the crisis-affected Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

Saaed Mokbil


Saeed Mokbil is the President of OIPMA and a former Member of the UN Working Group on the Use of Mercenaries. He has 26 years of professional experience in dealing with the UN Charter-based and Monitory-based Mechanisms and has held various senior positions as a former diplomat accredited to the UN. Prior founding OIPMA, he represented and accredited several international and civil society organizations to the UN. Conflict prevention, post-conflict peace-building is the core of his work, and he is determined to support the crisis-affected LDCs.
He received his Master’s degree in International Relations and International Law from Kiev University and awarded a diploma in Journalism from Berlin-based International Institute for Journalism. His diplomatic background and years of experience including the high level international conferences and the UN meetings made him prioritize the importance of global cooperation and multilateralism for achieving peace, security and sustainability.

Jade McLachlan

Executive Director

Former Senior Civil Servant, House of Lords, London and the United Nations, New York. 20+ years’ experience in leadership, strategy, enterprise risk, accountability and the SDGs. Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Masters in European Affairs, EU Law major both from the University of Aberdeen; Executive Education, the University of Cambridge.

Adriana López

Coordination & Human Rights Officer

Adriana is a psychologist, specialized in Legal Psychology and master’s in International Security. She has experience in diplomacy, migration and refugees, peace and conflicts, Human Rights, counter-terrorism, and SDGs. She coordinates technical, thematic, administrative activities of OIPMA and is also part of the Human Rights Team.

Linda Pinto

Human Rights Officer

Linda is a passionate and creative person, enjoying finding innovative solutions to face today’s challenges. Profoundly inspired by diversity and cultures, she always tries to enrich herself. Her professional interests concern the field of Human Rights and sustainability, which fits perfectly with OIPMA’s mandate.

Monica Alcantar

Human Rights Officer

Scholar focused on cultural heritage law and anthropology, Monica is passionated about International Humanitarian Law and Intellectual Property. PhD in Arts & Cultural Heritage by the University of Bologna. Currently at University of Geneva CAS in International Cultural Law, she is an additional representative at OIPMA.

Chiara Giaccari

Human Rights Officer

Chiara is a business and Human Rights specialist, with a background in international relations and international law.
Her work focuses on violations of international humanitarian law, human rights law, and international criminal law in conflict situations, with a view to conflict prevention and post-conflict peace-building.

Emilie Guignon

Human Rights Officer

Emilie holds a Master’s degree in International Law, majoring in Human Rights, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, Transitional Justice, and Peace-building.
She is a specialized «International Legal Officer for Consolidation of Peace». Emilie underwent an internship at the Office of the UNHCR for Human Rights in Geneva.

Javier Rodriguez

Human Rights Officer

Javier has a background in Human Rights, International Relations and Education. He has been a member of the Council of Europe delegation to the United Nations in Geneva. His work focuses on the protection and promotion of economic and cultural rights, in particular the right to education.

Rita Ventura

Human Rights Officer

Rita has experience in Development and International Relations and drew her passion for Development Projects and topics such as Women Empowerment and Sustainability. She is driven by multiculturalism and traveling. Her professional aim is to collaborate with organizations that promote life-changing sustainable and empowered processes to people and communities.

Elsa Avalos

Human Rights Officer

Elsa is a professional with 18 years of experience serving in different fields, the private sector, international cooperation, and the governmental sector. She had been focused on design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of national plans of human rights, as well as on drafting comparative analyses of the legislation and practice, and implementing techniques to prevent victimization of children in the judiciary system.

Sigrid Lipott

Human Rights Officer

Sigrid is a human rights and disarmament expert with experience in NGOs, and international organizations. She holds a doctorate in Trans-Border Policies and two Masters in International and Diplomatic Science. Sigrid has worked across international policy and legal frameworks on the topics of minority rights, violence against children, gender-based violence, armed violence, arms control and


Taylor Widrig

Representative to the United Nations in New York

Taylor works in trade development and communications, and the intentions of her work surround access to nutrition and support of vulnerable individuals. Taylor is a past speaker delegate on behalf of the United Nations Development Program on poverty reduction and natural resource development, and speaker delegate on food security and seaweed production.

Susanna Botter


Susanna is a Digital Marketing and Communication Specialist with a M.A in Web Marketing & Digital Communication and a B.A in International Relations. Her passion for Communication, Digital Innovation and International Relations has driven her to help and advance the world by working for international organizations with big goals, such as OIPMA’s commitment to support people and the environment.

Begoña Santaella Gómez

Digital Communications & Web Team

Begoña is a lawyer and journalist specialized in children’s rights and digital communications. She has been working in the Human Rights field since 2013 through different NGOs, focusing on migration, children’s rights and justice for those whose rights have been violated. Begoña is passionate about working within multicultural environments which aim to build a more sustainable world.

Nathalie Carminati


Nathalie is a strategic and creative digital communications specialist with a B.A in Media Communications. She has been managing communications projects for United Nations agencies and International NGOs for almost ten years. Nathalie has always aimed to progress the world by working for organizations with great goals, as OIPMA’s commitment to support LDCs.